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“Nicola’s classes will greatly appeal to those wanting to practise a wide range of challenging yoga poses which both strengthen and stretch the body in a thorough way. In a calm and clear manner she guides her students through an unbroken flow of movements which take the body into a whole range of unimaginable positions. Nicola has softened the very physical approach of mainstream Ashtanga yoga with her own intuitive visualisation and affirmation practices, and uses dimmed lighting and a singing bowl to give a more relaxing effect. Thus the mind is drawn away from everyday concerns – sometimes focussing on the bodily movements and at other times imagining a world of white light, security and love. Nicola gives of herself to the utmost, providing her students with shawls to keep them warm, helping them in the yoga positions with skilful manual adjustments and massaging their heads during the final relaxation. All in all an enticing combination of active challenge and inner retreat.

As a yoga teacher I like to visit different classes and experience different approaches. I really enjoyed the challenge Nicola set us on Wednesday night. In a two hour long session I was taken through an unbroken flow of poses – some familiar to me, others new. I was pushed further into certain stretches through skilful manual adjustment, and by the end of the session I had been thoroughly worked and stretched.” Karen Patterson, Yoga Teacher Wiveliscombe

“Nicola’s yoga classes are truly amazing. Her enthusiasm and dedication to yoga is obvious and I feel that, for her, it is not just her job but her way of life. This enthusiasm is passed on during the class and inspires me to do more yoga practise myself. She has taught me that yoga is so much more than just an exercise routine and whatever I am feeling before the class I always feel 100% better afterwards!” Layla, Wellington

”I always thought yoga was for vegetarians and chilled out dudes; neither could be likened to me…..

I came across this local yoga class and fell for it hook, line and sinker.  My fitness, my body line (posture) and my concentration have all improved over the 5 weeks that I have been going.  It is a great combination of fitness and inner wellbeing.

Nicola is incredibly dedicated to her role and guides you smoothly through the class, encouraging you all the time and assisting when needed to just get a little more into the ”pose”.

Monday evenings, Wiveliscombe – you need to be there.” Annette Lindley, Wiveliscombe

“A gratified thank you to Nicola Carley at the Bluebird Bliss yoga house for what was possibly one of the most invigorating and educational sessions I have partaken in – can’t recommend enough!  Crucial difference from a regular class is that this is a lot more hands-on due to it being a smaller group, allows you to refine technique as oppose to hanging out in the back pretending you know what you’re doing as per my usual approach. Cheers again!” Steffen Dodd Johansen, Taunton

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