Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I wear to class?
We suggest loose, stretchy comfortable clothing that is breathable and keeps you dry. The kind of thing you usually wear to the gym. Ashtanga yoga is very aerobic so expect to sweat. Hooded tops are best avoided as they tend to fall over your head.

What should I bring?
Bring a positive attitude, yoga mat, towel and a strap or belt. Although we don’t traditionally use blocks in Ashtanga, you are welcome to bring your own. I can loan mats but it is better to bring your own.

Will yoga help me lose weight?
What you get from yoga depends on what you put in. If effort is made, you will burn calories.

Can my daughter/son join in?
Well behaved children are welcome to join our class if accompanied by an adult. I have had CRB clearance and am passionate about getting youngsters feeling the benefits of yoga from a young age. We currently have a ten year old in the class.

If I’m injured should I be doing yoga?
At times yoga can actually act as a therapy and improve your condition.  Let us know your injury and concern and we’ll try and come up with a smart method that is both mentally and physically comfortable.

What if I’m not flexible?
Yoga is about improving health, strength, stability, and happiness.  One of the positives that do come with it is increased flexibility over time and practice – nonetheless, it is not our focus.

How should I prepare for class?
•    Clear your mind of any negativity or expectations
•    Try not to eat a large meal up to 2 hours prior
•    Hydrate yourself. It is better to drink water before than after a class.