Reiki Testimonials

For distant reiki and remote yoga therapy

“I enjoyed your recent video regarding freeing up the shoulder muscles. It felt relevant to me, and that this was something I might be able to do and build upon. Your videos and posts are warm, inviting, informative and inspiring – entirely accessible. Thank you for sharing.

During and just after we last spoke I really ‘felt’ something, not sure what, but the tingly, spinal excitement was there, all very spiritual. How much a role reiki and your direction to feel into connection with my late dad played I am not sure, but there was something there that needs my attention. I am encouraged by your thoughts and feel that I now have opportunities to expand my ability to interact, to love and be loved.

I am so grateful for your words and emotions, they appeal very much. It feels like you’re tapping into an inherent truth which I know too. I intend to explore this fully, ask for help from yourself and others in doing so and not stick to old, rigid behaviours. I am so lucky to have found you. Bless.”

Rowland Dicker, Wellington, Somerset

For distant reiki

“Bluebird Bliss performed a small miracle through distant reiki – to which I was a bit skeptical it must be said – but enabled me to move forward very positively. Highly highly recommended. A beautiful wonderful person xx”

Suzanne French, London

For one to one reiki for pregnancy

“I tried Reiki from Bluebird Bliss last year after having a difficult pregnancy, nothing too serious, just lots of sickness caused by having low blood sugar, which was very tiresome – it feels like you have a permanent hangover without having had the night out!

At 35 weeks pregnant I was willing to try anything that might have helped, and I thought that the opportunity to be in a relaxing environment would also be beneficial. I had a brief discussion with a midwife who said that it would be completely safe and recommended that I didn’t lie completely flat,but that I had my head raised.
The sessions were amazing, I don’t really know what I expected, but I found it to be a very meditative experience (which I often reflect on now at times when I am feeling stressed), I felt very connected with my baby and incredibly calm.”

Lisa Bedding, Wiveliscombe