Equine Reiki

“Having been involved with horses since the age of nine, I am passionate about utilising the healing abilities I have nurtured with human kind and turning them to the creature I admire the most; the horse.”

Equine Reiki North Somerset 2Equine reiki just like reiki for humans, is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on holistic therapy that is performed without pressure, manipulation or administration of medication, so vets tend to take the attitude that it can’t do any harm. Reiki brings about noticeable change in the animal and allows them to relax and settle.

It involves me placing my hands on or near the horse, allowing the horse to heal from within, irrespective of the symptoms.

Equine healing balances the energy flow throughout the body, stimulating the horse’s natural healing process. During the healing process, endorphins (natural pain reliever and feel good factor apparently equivalent to the effects of opium and morphine) are released into their system, enabling the horse to feel relaxed and calm. The healing has no harmful side effects, and will only work for the receiver’s greater good.

Physical problems tend to go hand in hand with psychological and behavioural problems. Often, in Western medicine, we are dealing with symptoms but not necessarily the root cause of a problem. To heal means to deal with the underlying issue which sometimes, goes beyond the comprehension of our mind. Reiki works in wonderful ways that transcend our mortal understanding of medicine working on issues at an energetic level.

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What can Reiki be used for?

  • Mishandling or accidents lack of confidence, panic attacks, stress, nervousness, anxiousness etc.
  • As a preventative measure i.e. clipping, when loading, when first shoeing etc.
  • For clearing remedial problems i.e. kicking, biting, head shacking, jogging, barging, bolting, rearing and/or fear of specific things i.e. traffic, dogs etc

What’s involved?

The first session takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. The session starts by spending a few minutes familiarising myself with the horse, who will ideally be tied or very lightly held (a hay net is recommended). I like to visit a horse after morning feed or when the yards activity tends to be at a minimum.

The owner is asked to be present during the session again to help make it as stress free as possible for the horse.  The environment must be free from distraction during the session.  As an added bonus, I can teach you to meditate whilst I work on your horse. Once the horse is settled I will start the treatment by scanning the horses energy points.  The Reiki energy will then be directed to the horse and will travel to where it is most needed by the animal at that particular point in time.  If the horse’ first reaction is to move away from the energy this is fine and is quite normal as animals are very sensitive to the change in energy but adapt to the feeling of the flow very quickly.

Please be aware that animals have the choice to accept or decline the healing.  Every animal is different and in certain circumstances the animal may reject the healing on the first or first few occasions.  If this happens, the session must and will be stopped.  Reiki cannot be forced upon an animal who doesn’t wish to receive it.

One of the most common reactions to Reiki in horses is that they become so relaxed that they may fall asleep.  Do not be alarmed as it is very normal for some horses to fall asleep because the energy from Reiki is so gentle, peaceful and calming and horses being very sensitive feel the energy instantly.

I can also offer the healing via distance and it works just as effectively in this way.

Treatment Programme

I would recommend a minimum of four treatments initially, given in one-week intervals. When all the treatments have been completed, the horses progression will be assessed, and the owner can request further treatments if required.

Please Note:  Equine Reiki Healing is never a substitute for veterinary advice or care.  If your horse is showing any signs of illness, injury or distress please contact your Vet in the first instance.

Many people turn to Reiki as a last resort, when their vet can do no more for their animal. Unfortunately, degeneration or damage to organs or tissue can not be stopped.  As awful as it may be, we all have to die at some point which includes our animals and even Reiki cannot reverse this process.  In saying this however, Reiki can help a dying animal to come to terms with the passing and make it more peaceful for them.


I work on a donation basis requesting a minimum of £35 a session for hands on within a 15 mile radius of Wiveliscombe or £30 for a distant healing. Expenses are charged for greater distances.

After care

After your horse or pony has received the Reiki treatment, your horse or pony will need to relax.

I would suggest that you stay with your horse/pony for at least one hour after the session has ended and you should under no circumstances ride him as he will be sleepy.

Make sure that there is sufficient water for your horse after the session as your horses body will start to detox itself and the process will be helped by him drinking more than usual.  You may also notice an increase in toilet behaviour with more passing of stools and wind during this process.  Please do not be alarmed as this is just the body getting rid of excess waste and is quite normal.