A celebration of life and Death – Bluebird Bliss Day of the Dead – 7th November 2015

Hello my friends You are invited to join me on a journey into the Day of the Dead on the 7th November. Are you grieving for a loved one? Has someone passed away… Continue reading

Yoga: Change up

For all the people I teach yoga in Bristol and North Somerset – I wanted to share a really beautiful technique to change a behaviour that you know is not healthy for you… Continue reading

Yoga: Gratitude for nature’s bounty

Today I was shocked at the sheer abundance of nature available to us when we give her the chance. An enormous Apple tree stood solitary on the banks of the canal in Keynsham… Continue reading

Spirituality: The final part of my journey with ayahuasca

As I mentally turned over the events of the previous evening, I wondered how it could be that despite the fact that I’d even eaten the gross gunge at the bottom of the… Continue reading

If and when you’re feeling blue…

If and when you’re feeling blue, know that it’s not really you but the fears and dramas of times gone by that make us sigh. You worry about a future not yet manifest… Continue reading

Spirituality: Reminiscing on the awesomeness of Kate Tempest

Goosebumps at Secret Garden Party last week at the sheer magnificence of the energy and lyrics from Kate Tempest

Spirituality: Part two of my journey with ayahuasca – the mother plant medicine

Having found ourselves a trustworthy shaman, inducted in the ritual by amazonian curanderos we duly booked our places on the ‘course’. Like a good pupil, for two weeks before the ceremony, I gradually… Continue reading

Yoga: Journeying with Ayahuasca, the mother of plant medicine – Part 1

“…we never find the crest of a wave without a trough or a particle without an interval, or space, between itself and others. In other words, there is no such thing as a… Continue reading

Light: The world is turning – compassion and love grow with advent of same sex marriage

Daily we are bombarded with negativity and fear by the media and as a result of that, many of the people we come into contact with on a daily basis who consume it,… Continue reading

Yoga: Homage to the Goddess

The Earth is calling for us to return To the ways that honour her beauty and charm. As we begin to feel the umbilical cord Which connects us to her, mother of all,… Continue reading