Updates on life at Bluebirdbliss…

Thanks to generous donations and help from volunteers, we’ve been able to plough on with projects down at the Bluebirdbliss healing haven. David Schofield wins an award for for hammering away at the… Continue reading

Horseback yoga builds confidence with an abused horse

About 5 years ago you couldn’t stand next to this horse she was so scared of humans after a number of years of abuse in her previous life as a brood mare. Thanks… Continue reading

Pony Pages – update on our rescues Shamrock and Shambles

When Shamrock pictured left (4) and Shambles (2) came to us, mum struggled to allow anyone near her – she did so more out of force when she knew baby had been caught… Continue reading

Supported Space for Horses and Ponies on Long Ashton Holistic Livery Yard

Calling all pony and horse owners! Are you looking for a loving, safe and knowledgeable home for your pony? A place where you and/or you and your child will be supported in looking… Continue reading

Fundraising for Horseback Yoga, Horses, People and Planet

Hello, my name is Shambles. I used to be called Babycham but that’s a fizzy kind of alcoholic drink and although I’m fizzy, I’m definitely not alcoholic. You can probably see my mummy… Continue reading

Did you know that the cure for cancer, epilepsy and a whole host of other health issues is already here?

But it’s not one size fits all and it will always take more effort than just dropping a pill. Healing is complex and must involve mind as well as body but we can… Continue reading

Yoga for people who give a shit (about people and the planet)


Lifestyle: Coping with conflict at Christmas

Unbelievably it is that time of year again. Now I’m not a Christian, I’m a yoga teacher but I do observe the holiday because everyone else on the planet does too and I… Continue reading

Life: Embrace your vulnerability and you embrace life

Every time I write a blog post I make myself vulnerable. Every time I press send on mailchimp a message turns up in your email I feel vulnerable. Every time I set up… Continue reading

Lifestyle: A plea to those who value people and planet but love clothing and fashion…

The true cost of the clothes you buy This is a desperate plea to all those who value people and planet. Next time you think you need a new item of clothing, please… Continue reading