Light: Sacred Geometry and the Balinese Ascendance Ceremony

This year, the year 2012, it has been prophesised by the Mayan, Aztec, Inca and Hopi people that we will reach a new state of consciousness; that a code within our DNA will… Continue reading

Light: The angels and a magical mystery tour

For many years I was lost; living without faith; without direction. I was unquestioning even of the meaning of life feeling that if there was meaning, life would hit me with it one… Continue reading

Nutrition: A smoothie to make your skin glow

Fresh fruit and veg gives skin a healthy glow shout scientists I raise my eyebrows in surprise that universities are governments the world over are still wasting money on research that proves what… Continue reading

Beauty: Mad for Manuka, my new magic clay mask

Magic Manuka Mask £5.99 30ml (enough for 2 to 3 applications) I was playing with a recipe today because I wanted to find a way of using manuka honey.  The reason? It’s super… Continue reading

One consciousness and OM: Sacred sound or hippy banter?

When I first heard people chanting and Om-ing and saying Namaste, I felt somewhat alienated by what seemed to be a kind of hippy, new-age fad. Meditation seemed like something some skinny Indian… Continue reading

Yoga: awakening your inner child

                              More than likely, you’ve heard the hype.  Good and bad. These days, whether it’s Pippa Middleton’s sister’s bum… Continue reading

Inspiration: The Goddess Quan Yin

Quan Yin or Kwan Yin, is the Mother of Compassion.  I first encountered her following my first shamanic healing and though you may not wholly embrace the idea of the spirit world, you can… Continue reading

Welcome to Blue Bird Bliss

Congratulations on finding me. Whether you are here because you have acknowledged your need and desire to begin healing, you are looking for a better way to keep healthy or something lovely for… Continue reading