Beauty: The latent meaning in nail varnish

The art of nail painting in the last few years has risen to entirely new levels.  I’m sure I’m not the first woman to have charted the monopoly of the South East Asian… Continue reading

Life: I am a yogi but I’m also human; tips for disaster management

Those of you who follow me on facebook and twitter have probably already heard that I had a monumental let down this Monday.  I left the flat listening to Rachel arranging to collect… Continue reading

Life: The big barter begins

So I made my first steps on my bartering journey last week when Rachel and I made an agreement.  In return for an intensive course of yoga designed to help her regain mobility… Continue reading

Life: Let’s make bartering the new black; my mission to live with less

I’m on a mission. A mission to make my life as money free as possible. In the last few years, I have been fortunate I would now say, to have found myself living… Continue reading

Style: Sweet like lollipops, cheap as chips

This weekend, in return for some professional yoga shots, I offered to model for Annie Nilaker of TwentyNine Design and Michele Mckeown’s portfolios and in true yogi thrift style, my outfits were absolute… Continue reading

Light: The journey of life and what you would say to a younger you

In O magazine, Oprah this month, along with a number of other celebrities, writes a letter to her younger self. Arianna Huffington would tell her younger self to get more sleep. Maya Angelou… Continue reading

Beauty: Herbs beat chemicals in the fight against acne

© Alison Bowden – Thyme could be a more effective treatment for acne than medicated creams as found by a study at Leeds Metropolitan University.  Having been a sufferer of severe acne… Continue reading


I’m always on the look out for flattering yoga wear so when Beth posted up a pic of these, I was super excited! Gorgeous

Beauty: Chamomile, comfrey and coconut, a facial that takes your skin to a new level

If you’re looking for a facial to take your skin to a new level, I have good news ladies. This Chamomile Coconut and Comfrey Facial Scrub  (£7.99 for 80g) is my newest kid on… Continue reading

Light: The power in a chant and how to bring it into your life

Sound existed before the beginning of time.  In fact, sound is timeless. The power of sound healing warrants a whole other article in itself and my two friends, Gabrielle Jasmin Baker and Genevra… Continue reading