Horseback Yoga for Riders

True riding mastery can only be reached by the person who, for years and years, has kept his mind open to new ideas, and even he should always be prepared to admit that there is still much to be learned.

Wilhelm Museler, Riding Logic

Twisted Side Stretch

Imagine you and your horse, breathing and moving in complete unison. Imagine how deep your relationship could become if you can overcome the blocks preventing you from having complete awareness of your own body and that of the horse. Imagine the depth of healing possible when your heart connects directly with your horse’s whilst you are on board. Horseback yoga could be the vehicle to achieving all that you’ve been looking for and it’s even more powerful when working with adults and children who are disabled.

Yoga shows you how to step away from the negative self-talk  from trying to achieve some idea of perfect because it does not exist. All we can really do is practice.

As a horse rider, I am well aware of the impact our emotions and body can have on our ability to perform when riding a horse, regardless of whether you ride in competition or not. Horses are exceptionally good at picking up on our state of mind. It becomes imperative that we remain calm, clear and focused when dealing with a horse. Our emotions affect our body, our energy and in turn our horse. Imagine what’s possible when applying a practice that enables you to reach a place of harmony within your own body to the relationship you have with your horse?

Classical horsemanship and traditional yoga are very ancient practices. Both originated thousands of years ago and in their purest form, encourage learning through compassion, kindness and awareness. The earliest known surviving work on the art of riding was a very detailed treatise written over twenty-three centuries ago by Xenophon, a Greek soldier and master horseman. His humane methods reflect a foundation built on intuition, kindness and compassion toward the horse. The practice of yoga will inspire you to treat your body and the horse in the same manner. Rather than forcing or implementing ruthless training methods, yoga teaches you to allow, listen closely and gently coax.

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