Horseback Yoga


What is it?

Horseback Yoga combines meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises, deep stretches and movement with the movement and energy of the horse. It is a powerful mode of healing and it’s fun for everyone.

We start with matwork, meditation and body opening to connect with the horse before moving onto their back and sessions are tailored to the ability and needs of participants.

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Gain Strength — Learn to Listen — Relax — Improve Balance

Grow Confidence — Increase Flexibility

Bond with your Equine Partner — Learn to be Compassionate

Find Peace – Heal Physical and Emotional Issues

Why do yoga with horses? (the science-y bit).

When we practice yoga, we are fostering our ability to remain present, in the moment. We are bringing together all elements of our being through an awareness of the breath, sensations in the body and observation of corresponding thought processes.

As we learn to find a state of relaxation in what are sometimes, challenging circumstances  we start to unravel the unhealthy physical and emotional patterns which hold us in this state of tension. For some this might translate as apprehension that the horse moves whilst we are holding a pose on their back, for others, it might be as simple as being in the presence of a horse.

Horses can enhance this process as contact with them causes the release of the hormone oxytocin and its associated feel-good neurotransmitters such as serotonin, encouraging a feeling of safety which facilitates relaxation.

Who is it for?

Horseback yoga is for everyone whether you have never ridden or practised yoga by efore, however we feel that the following groups would gain greater immediate benefit from taking part.

Yoga Practitioners

You’ll get to put your yoga skills into practice in a real life situation – moving with and around the sometimes imposing stature of a horse.

Horse Riders

Horses communicate non-verbally. With horseback yoga, you’ll learn to communicate more effectively with your horse, strengthening your bond through ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Learn to hear the messages your body is giving you and respond to them appropriately. You’ll come to understand what your horse and your body are trying to tell you.

For more information on Horseback Yoga for riders, please visit the Horseback Yoga for Riders Page

Disabled People

I’ve seen horseback yoga enable disabled children to do things they’ve never been able to do before. The benefits on disabilities and health issues are especially profound. Anyone can do it. You are welcome to either join in one of my existing group sessions (coming soon) or for more personalised support, organise a private or semi-private lesson.

For more information on Horseback Yoga Therapy for people with chronic illness and or disabilities, please visit the Horseback Yoga Therapy Page

Twisted Side Stretch


Nicola, you have been amazing at helping and she has grown in confidence and managed leg positions we thought were not possible whilst horse riding! The relaxation you offer beforehand has meant Ella has coped so much more with the yoga exercises you do with her on horse.

Charlotte Murphy, Langport.

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What is the cost?

Please contact me for details on

One day and weekend workshops are available anywhere in the world. Please enquire for details.