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Walking off trauma: a pony pilgrimage

Hello my friends So… for my next adventure, I plan to walk/ride the ponies across Spain and all the way back to the UK. Well, at least as far as Calais as there… Continue reading

Horseback yoga: unlocks the world of the unseen

Horseback yoga holds its power in simplicity. Combining simple movements with intention, relaxation and the breath. Horses assist us in the world of the unseen, building our awareness of all that lies beneath.… Continue reading

Wild Yoga: Healing in nature

As a child growing up in a dysfunctional family feeling lost, unloved and confused on a housing estate outside of Gravesend I used to seek sanctuary on a tiny patch of woodland on… Continue reading

Censorship of the female body

Be brave. Be daring. Be bold. Be human. Be proud. Be naked. Be bare. Be unashamed. Be in your body. Be your best self. Be resilient. Be strong. Be compassionate. Be loving. Be… Continue reading

Balancing the spiritual and material in manifestation practice:Part 3

When all that glitters isn’t gold… When I met my ex partner, I’ll admit I was somewhat dazzled by his looks and apparent professional expertise and confidence. At the time, I was in… Continue reading

Balancing the spiritual and material in manifestation practice: Part 2

How spiritual are you? For the most part, most people who know me, would not consider me to be a materialist in any way shape or form however, in the last year and… Continue reading

Vision Board Workshop & Embody Abundance Yoga Retreat 25th Sept

MANIFEST YOUR DREAM LIFE VISION BOARD WORKSHOP & EMBODY ABUNDANCE YOGA RETREAT You have the option of attending this as either a one day event (vision board workshop – 25th September) or an… Continue reading

The importance of balancing spiritual and material in manifestation practice – Part 1

There are many spiritual teachers who would argue that abundance is our birthright and desire is the positive driving force behind much of our growth and development. There is a HUGE trend in… Continue reading

Introducing Planetary Tantra

FEEL IN EXTREMITY Planetary Tantra is the instruction given to the Human Species for interactive magic with…  Gaia – the Divine Sophia who is embodied in the Earth. If you want to be… Continue reading

Grand designs eat your heart out

I write this in the hope that it will inspire you to keep on dreaming even in the most dire of circumstances. Five years ago I stepped out of the London melee and… Continue reading