Training Livery

Want to learn more about natural horsemanship or untangle an issue you are having with your horse? Try one of our cost effective training packages offered at half price for your first month. Alternatively, board your horse with us and let us sort it taking the hard work out.

Once a Paddock and/or field livery option is chosen, the training livery costs can be added on for the month.

1 week’s notice is required before changing a training livery for the following month.

Lessons are available as a mix between theory and practice, and are available for the horse alone or for the person using a horse provided by us.

£120 OPTION 1, Low Intensity Flexible Training

8hrs p/m

  • Great for supported learning at a pace the horse can learn with you and with plenty of practice time in between lessons. Or, you could make a day of it!
  • This gives you a total of 8 hours 1-2-1 training to use up throughout the month. Minimum lesson time 15min, max 8hrs, (30min break incl.).
    Horses can be brought in ready for lessons if required, free of charge!

£240 OPTION 2, 20hrs Medium Intensity, Flexible Training

-Want to study an aspect of natural horse training? E.g. preparing for carriage or lateral work with your horse? With 20 hrs to use over the month, this option offers over 60% discount on the half hour rate of £15, while tailoring a course to suit the horse/ person.

* Due to the huge discount on this training option, minimum lesson times are 25min. The max training times are 5hrs as to enable a once a week 5hr lesson if prefered.
Horses can be brought in ready for lessons if required, but will be included in the lesson time.

£450 OPTION 3, 40hrs p/m High Intensity, Non flexible but seriously affordable, optional owner involvement

YOGA, TRAINING & EXERCISE programme – great if you know you want your horse to have lessons and exercise. But, don’t have the time to always partake.

Min training time per session of 1hr, maximum 6 hours with a 30min break included.

We will set out a training goal and spend 5 days a week / 10hrs a week, undertaking this goal through the most suitable course of owner learning, horse training and exercise and relationship building.

Ideal for those with clear aims who are confident in overcoming problems themselves or get that horse clearly on the right track.

We can even work on owner fitness and horse connection or horseback strength with yoga and horseback yoga included. This option needs to have the training programme clearly agreed and set out before undertaking. The horse will receive training regardless of the owner’s time issues. Sorry, but it’s so cheap that we can’t be risking any unforeseen time losses on our part.