About Bluebird Bliss

Sometimes the most powerful things are those we cannot see.

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Based in  Long Ashton just ten minutes from Bristol, Bluebird Bliss Equine Healing Centre and Holistic Livery is a heavenly haven where anyone is welcome to take refuge in the healing energy of nature and our horses. For added convenience, many treatments are also available in your own home.

Nicola Carley runs the centre together her volunteers.

Nicola has been teaching yoga for close to six years after completing her training in London with Jasmine Mejares, a Californian Chiropractor. She also teaches meditation, offers reiki treatments by distance or in person, indian head massage in your own home and more recently added horseback yoga to her portfolio of treatments.

People come to Bluebird Bliss for all sorts of reasons. From psychiatric problems to relationship issues, struggles with pregnancy, weight gain and other physical and mental health issues. They’ve often been told it can only be managed but so much more is possible.

If you are looking for a natural way to manage chronic illness, pain or stress, you are in the right place.

I’m here to tell you that miracles happen; you are one.

Working with yoga, reiki, massage and meditation, we will teach you how to heal yourself, gently navigating you through the complexities of the spiritual world to help you integrate it into your daily life. We will also signpost you to other complementary therapists and professionals where it is felt benefit can be gained.

We don’t subscribe to a particular religion or organisation and use techniques from yoga and indian head massage to mindfulness, reiki and shamanism.

Who do we work with?

Anyone from groups and couples to individuals and children with special needs. We will often work with the whole family – both online and in person.

How can I access services?

I work with clients both by distance and in person so wherever you are in the world, you can access me. Call 07811344621 now to book.

I also combine the healing powers of horses, yoga and reiki both together and separately for able bodied and disabled adults and children equally.  I will travel anywhere in the world to share horseback yoga and reiki healing skills. Find out about horseback yoga here


Like many healers, it was on commencement of my own healing journey that Nicola learned to use her experience to help others. I say healing because there is never beginning or end with healing however, through work with Shamanism, Yoga and Reiki, I uncovered love and the power of light for myself. I have an understanding of the meaning of infinity and with this, liberty and I share these gifts with you.

I want to pay special thanks to my wonderful friend Genevra (www.genevra.org.uk) for gently nudging me and carrying me through the first part of my transformational journey which continues now through yoga.

Nicola’s Reiki Lineage

Gifted by the very beautiful Miguel Chavez and I have received this through the following lineage:

Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Chiyoko Yamaguchi

Hyakuten Inamoto

William Lee Rand

Miguel Chavez

I have also been gifted the first rites of the munay-ki (see www.munay-ki.org for more info) and I now combine my knowledge of lightwork with yoga taking the practice to a much deeper level. My goal is for you to feel the love and have lots of fun.

I am Yoga Alliance certified teacher to 200 hours thanks to the wonderful teaching of Jasmine Mejares at Yogasquare.co.uk