The big adventure begins

On Sunday last week – my birthday – I left the beautiful Rockaway Park bnb booted in my pink ribbon lace up Doc Martens with what I realised was probably the heaviest day back pack in the world. Carrying a laptop and a couple of heavy books along with a few daily items up the hill I wondered if a heavy dwarf had somehow snuck its way in fancying a spot of Spanish sol.

Excitement and trepidation whirled around my stomach as the realisation that I was leaving the UK with a one way ticket came upon me. I thought back to the all the other times in my life I had taken huge leaps of faith into unchartered waters. There was the time I naively believed that the romantic illusion of Paris could hold hidden wonders to happiness when in actual fact, the greatest treasure it could bestow upon me was an appreciation for Luc Besson’s work, the best hot chocolate I’ve ever experienced and an extra stone in weight courtesy of ‘du pain, du vin et du boursin!”


I realise now that the fatal error I made at the time when deciding whether to move to Barcelona or Paris was unequivocally the latter. I am therefore in deep gratitude for the deep joy I am now experiencing being able to know that was indeed a fatal error however, had I not made it, I might not now be on my way to the right destination finally and to be doing so with a man who far exceeds that of the bloke in the Milk Tray and Diet Coke ad combined with three beautiful horses to my name. Even better, we are both now well equipped with the skills a vipassana and and in depth yoga/personal inquiry practice have fortuned upon us (turns out we were on the same vipassana course at the same time in Hereford a few years ago strangely) making having a relationship – and a fairly new one at that – in incredibly stressful times feel as easy as eating apple pie. This is obviously helped by the fact that my trend of dating narcissists, masochists and abusers appears to be well and truly over *sigh of relief all round.*

As things stand currently however, our journey has come to a temporary halt in Bilbao – yes, there are worse things that could probably happen – as we attempt getting the car fixed. A wheel bearing has gone making it impossible to drive much further safely with a trailer hitched on the back so we decided to take some time out to connect with the goddess. Our hotel is surrounded by incredible forests and mountains making it a perfect location for performing my first planetary tantra cording.

Meanwhile in Mijas, our girls get to chill at the gorgeous Rancho Acebuchal awaiting our arrival in plush and luxurious surroundings. Alright for some!