Grand designs eat your heart out

El-Chorro-Malaga-Panorama-Andalucia-DiaryI write this in the hope that it will inspire you to keep on dreaming even in the most dire of circumstances.

Five years ago I stepped out of the London melee and onto the soft wet mossy earth of South West Somerset having tired of a life that revolved around attempting to make ends meet and waiting for the next bus. I was given a yoga teacher training and at that point began living.

Ever since I have been dreaming a dream to work and live in ways that are more in touch and harmony with the earth although my dream to own horses goes much further back to days when I wasn’t even tall enough to see over the dining room table. Many a blog post has been dedicated to encouraging my readers to understand the impact their thoughts and actions have on themselves, the planet and her animals.

I have stressed how the system we have been conditioned from a young age to believe in is truly farcical and we should question all that we have been told from what is healthy and safe to eat and drink to major events such as the 9/11 bombing. I have been determined to step as far outside of this system  to help enlighten as many people as I possibly can. At times this has been well receive, at other times, it has been considered preaching. It has at times divided me from friends and family members but I continue nonetheless. I myself still find some beliefs and opinions to be challenged as more truth comes to light and I am offered alternative perspectives. One such example of this is the holocaust although I won’t go into the details of this here.

Over the past few years, in my pursuit of happiness through an exploration of spiritual and physical practices, I have come to learn much about myself and to share these learnings in the hope that they might be useful to my readers. Many of you are aware of the trials and tribulations I have experienced in choosing the wrong partners and relationships. For the first time in my life however, I can categorically say that this time, I have chosen right. Almost too good to be true, a beautiful man appeared at the gate to my yard who had been dreaming the same dream I had but for a much longer time and together we are moving to Spain to make it a reality so eat your heart out grand designs. Not only will we not be going over budget but instead of having a baby we’ll be taking three horses with us and growing our animal family.

Our plan is to turn the land we are buying in Valle de Abdalajis next to El Chorro into a haven for tourists and travellers seeking ways of connecting with the earth, experience the joy of conversing with horses, climb a mountain, practise yoga in the sunshine on the ground or on horseback in peaceful surroundings without the buzz of overhead power lines, airplanes or smartphones bleeping away. Planetary Tantra is our guiding force and we’ll be teaching and sharing the work of John Lamb Lash who has resurrected ancient knowledge which will prove key to human transformation, actualisation, survival and evolution.

You’ll be able to camp or stay in our rustic accommodation (yet to be built), float in a pool or relax in a hot tub with views of the awe inspiring scenery of the El Chorro region. We’ll be growing, building, reaping and sowing and encouraging like-minded folk to come and contribute to a shared ethos of exploring psychology, health and human growth through a connection with the wisdom and source of all life… Mother Earth.

So for now, on the eve of the commencement of our new life as we await the horses being collected by lorry, I look forward to welcoming family and friends old, new and yet to be discovered to the beauty of being.