Bluebird Bliss reviews 2016

2016 now feels far enough away and I finally have enough space and time to breathe and reflect on all that was achieved both personally and professionally. We are almost into the beginning of Spring and as I contemplate new beginnings, it seems apt to reflect on the past ones too. So before I launch into my exciting news, with plans for 2017 and some of 15626152_10154127872575823_8601840541783508110_othose planned new beginnings, I wanted to outline here some of the obstacles navigated over the past year and some of those achievements made with myself, my ex-partner and my amazing donors and volunteers.
It’s probably worth mentioning here, the massive discrepancy between the goals I set myself and what I actually did because as we all know, you might ask for chocolate and find the universe gets confused and gives you horse poo instead. (I’m sure we can all see how that can happen right?).

For example, some of my initial goals were to find 7 to 8 livery clients and run lots of horseback yoga sessions when in hindsight, it appears that I was destined to focus more on healing myself and rescuing animals. I’ll be writing more about the healing myself bit in my next blog post… I could be beating myself up right now that I didn’t get those liveries on board and therefore make a nice big profit. Instead, I decided I’d focus on everything that I did manage to achieve and share it with you guys right here.


  • Articles published in Kindred Spirit, Chat Magazine, The Bristol Post and a mention in The Daily Mail.
  •  on BBC Radio Bristol and made a video which had over 3000 views.
  • Rescued three horses.
  • Backed a three year old (Shamble) for the first time using natural horsemanship training techniques.
  • Rehabilitated an abused pony (Shamrock).
  • Introduced a number of children to bareback riding and horses for the first time.
  • Took in a horse (Honey) with bad feet, regular attacks of laminitis due to ability to jump fences to get to lush grass. Raised the height of the fences and began her rehabilitation to reduce separation anxiety and increase trust with me. Also reduced her weight and eradicated her feet issues.
  • Re-fenced a whole yard and completely changed the set up, removed acres of barbed wire.
  • Improved the health of all the horses on the yard with the introduction of a small track system.
  • Saved a horse from being put to sleep and helped care for her.
  • Found a pony for a healing client, guided owners in finding the right therapist to overcome her health issues successfully (Tara Epps – zoopharma) in spite of the vet failing her check and now working on her training.
  • Supported an autistic adult and encouraged him in his interactions with the horses.
  • Overcame the landlord’s objections to the introduction of a track system, horses turned out 24/7, 12 months of the year and educated him in the importance of herbs and plants.
  • Hosted a horseback yoga weekend.
  • Rescued a beautiful cat.
  • Buried a beautiful cat.
  • Went through relationship counselling (OUCH!)
  • Ended a destructive relationship.
  • Lived in a tent in the tack room at my yard in order to save the yard and my horses.
  • Had a pony stolen by ex-girlfriend.
  • Recovered stolen pony.
  • Was threatened with court action three times!
  • Evicted three difficult livery clients.
  • Raised £400 for my rescue horses.
  • Didn’t have a nervous breakdown!


So now that’s over with, what’s next you ask? Read my upcoming blog post to find out.

Meantime, share your thoughts, goals and achievements in the comments below.