Samhain and the Day of the Dead at Bluebird Bliss

HPIM1729.JPGThis coming Monday – Samhain/Day of the Dead Ceremony at Bluebird Bliss. Fancy dress fun and ponies! A ceremony to celebrate the abundance of autumn and the season of endings as we move into the coldest half of the year.

Suitable for families we will start in the late afternoon (around 5pm) with a walk to forage for blackberries, rosehips and herbs. You will be encouraged to observe and contemplate the colors, aromas, sounds, and other sensations of the season. Experience yourself as part of the Circle of Life and reflect on death and rebirth as being an important part of Nature. We will also gather some natural objects and upon your return use them to adorn your home.

Fun with the ponies – games such as apple bobbing, pony rides, fancy dress and anything else we can think of!

We will have a fire ceremony where we will reflect on what where we’ve been, the trials and tribulations of the past year and any hidden blessings as we acknowledge who we are becoming. There will also be a chance to honour someone close to you who may have passed over so come armed with stories to tell about them and anything you would like to remember them by to place on an altar – funny or otherwise. Anything goes!

Feel free to bring sausages (veggie or otherwise) to cook over the fire along with anything you fancy to accompany it.

I hope also to be able to offer some pumpkin soup!

If anyone would like to add ideas and/or help organise, please do get in touch.

Proceeds will go towards my rescue horses’ winter hay funds.

I will be aiming to finish around 8.30pm

Suggested donation is £10 per adult, £2 for kids