Journeying with Psilocybin for healing

 The wisdom of plant medicine is only now coming into the spotlight again as the current wave of awakening grows and humanity searches for answers to help them with healing. For thousands of years, this knowledge has been passed down through shaman and sage – which plants and fungi can release us from pain.


In ancient times, it was customary for the Priestess to use them for entering the world of the ‘unseen’ and safeguard the journeys of her kinsmen to a place of healing.

From my own experiences, I can say that I have nearly always turned to my ‘little brothers’ at times of emotional crisis and to help me overcome battles that I know on some level, are essentially a fight with my ‘self’. Through my yoga practice, I have come to know that there is a whole world outside of the ‘ego’ and this awareness allows me to recognise where I may be getting in my own way. I have discovered however, a fast track route to getting my ‘self’ out of the way and that is with the assistance of the magic mushroom.

Reliable as night turns to day, the magic mushrooms always bring me back to what is truly important – love. Love for myself. Love for my body. Love for life. Love for the lives of others.

Their lessons have always been deeply profound and rest with me in amongst the pathways and synapses  having literally changed the configuration of my brain forever. You see, much research now shows – particularly in the field of quantum physics – that we create our own reality and that reality starts with the brain. So if we want to change our experience, we have to start there. Clearly, there are various routes to going about this. Meditation, Yoga, Neuro-linguistic programming to name but a few however, from a spiritual point of view, the most all encompassing have to be in the field of psychedelics.

Now don’t get me wrong. They are not a one time solution to all of your life’s problems. However as I have found, combined with a yoga practice teaching compassion for yourself, and the patience to work with your issues time and again, they can be truly transformational.

Sacred and true, sometimes cruel yet kind, the magic mushroom is a powerful teacher. My last trip was taken in the midst of a ‘domestic’ with my girlfriend. Every couple has their tough times but being such opposites and me having come from an extremely dysfunctional family has left me with the hangover of finding it very hard at times to communicate. Fear takes over and often leads things into a downward spiral and on this occasion, I decided I wanted to try and nip that spiral in the bud! I will write about my journey in an upcoming post…

Meantime, I leave you with this Ted Talk on how psilocybin can relieve suffering… click here