Pony Pages – update on our rescues Shamrock and Shambles

When Shamrock pictured left (4) and Shambles (2) came to us, mum struggled to allow anyone near her – she did so more out of force when she knew baby had been caught so she had to follow and wouldn’t let anyone pick up her feet without kicking. Shambles didn’t understand pressure and release so would pull all anyone trying to lead her all over the place having only had a headcollar on once or twice. They were also suffering from mites and had picked up lice from somewhere and mum had terrible lumps all over her feet where someone had put chains around them to stop her from running away. She also panicked on a long rope when being asked to move away and would turn her bum and threaten to kick with both feet – someone had obviously dented her trust.

Thanks to patience, love and communication along with the financial help from those of my kind friends who have so far donated, both ponies are now doing really well. No more itching from the lice after treatment, Shambles appears to be mite free but we are still working on mum who has much more feather on her feet. Shamrock is now moving around confidently on the training rope and Shambles did a text book perfect join-up. She has been much better on the lead rope though we are often having to do join ups before taking her to the field as otherwise she forgets all about who the leader is or even that there is a human attached to the other end of the rope.  The pic below shows her trusting enough to have a jacket laid on her back and rubbed noisily all over her. She is also now very interested in plastic thanks to training guidance from Warwick Schiller!

We have also been gently separating them in preparation for weaning which I am sure is also helping.

So far we have managed to pay for their hay and bedding for just over a month – a cost of roughly £100, medicated shampoo £50 and diatomaceous earth another £50. We still need to have them passported (£75 each) pay for their worming programme £60 and buy tack and equipment along with a longer shopping list of items we need to tick off and for this, we could really do with some help!

To those who have already generously given, we offer our deepest gratitude and hope that you help us to spread the word about the work we are doing. Feel free to come down for a visit.

Love Nicola and Sheena x