Fundraising for Horseback Yoga, Horses, People and Planet

FullSizeRender (4)Hello, my name is Shambles. I used to be called Babycham but that’s a fizzy kind of alcoholic drink and although I’m fizzy, I’m definitely not alcoholic. You can probably see my mummy Shamrock in the background. She’s busy stuffing her face. That’s so that she can keep making her milk which I LLLLOOOOVE to drink though apparently, all that is going to stop soon because they are going to do this thing called wean me. Not sure what it is. Hopefully it doesn’t involve a diet as that would be really awful. It is definitely quite worrying because it will involve me and mummy being separated for a while. This is quite scary but hopefully not as scary as some of the things that already happened to mummy like being hit or hobbled or twitched or being left in a field waiting and hoping that somebody would come along and love us. The RSPCA told the lovely people who were trying to rehome us that if they couldn’t find someone, they should just put us down. Luckily, Nic saw a picture of me on facebook and thought I was super cute and she pretty much fell in love with me on the spot!

She said she has accidentally started an abandoned animal sanctuary. I was super worried because originally, I was supposed to be going on my own but luckily her lovely girlfriend She Keddie came along and thought she might be able to help fix mummy and that maybe one day we might even pull a carriage for her, together. I think I can do that. I am REALLY STRONG *wiggles bum whilst pointing her nose at her behind*. So we are now living at this place near Bristol called Yanley Farm and we have already started playing games and running in circles, going backwards and following the leader. This is all training for our new job which is helping to heal children with illness and disabilities. Apparently we are doing really well but Nic said that she needs a bit of help from her friends to help buy things for us and to be able to let the children who need to spend time with us, come and hang out with us for free. She asked me to tell you that the website to go to for leaving your coin deposits is here. She said that if every one of her facebook friends gave £10 each, she would pretty much hit her target.

Horseback yoga here we come….