Did you know that the cure for cancer, epilepsy and a whole host of other health issues is already here?

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But it’s not one size fits all and it will always take more effort than just dropping a pill. Healing is complex and must involve mind as well as body but we can always seek help from nature’s plants and one of the most effective ones so far for many chronic health issues is proving to be CBD Oil.

Finally, you can buy it online legally in the UK at UKCBD.com

I am not a medical doctor and would never proclaim to be such however, in my experience working with people dealing with chronic health issues, Western medicine is a long way off having the answers to curing cancer and many of the other major health conditions affecting the population today. Why’s that? Because it is profitable for people to be sick and there’s no money to be made in nature because nature is free. More on this some other time…

Love to hear experiences and views on this. I’m currently working with a little girl with epilepsy whose parents are too afraid to try such things. Makes me sad. Good stories from other people might bring the smile back…