Life: Embrace your vulnerability and you embrace life

Yoga Magazine Article 2

Every time I write a blog post I make myself vulnerable. Every time I press send on mailchimp a message turns up in your email I feel vulnerable. Every time I set up a yoga class or event, every time I answer an enquiry on how much I charge… the list is endless. Each time I do these things I am plagued with self-doubt and worry. Are they reading this? Do they like what I have to say? Am I just waffling? Does any of this mean anything? Will they book a place? If not why not? Do they even like me? These are the kinds of questions that plague me and this is how I make my living.

You see it’s true that I am running a business and my communication with you serves the purpose of nurturing our relationship in the hope that you will turn up in front of me on your yoga mat or book a reiki treatment or massage but the motivations for writing and offering the services that I do are much deeper than that.

Firstly it is important to me that you know that I care. I admit that I haven’t met each and every person on my mailing list but I know that you felt I might have something to say that could alleviate your own pain and suffering in some way and I really hope that I can. This is why I keep doing what I do. Because it is important to me that every person knows that they are loved.

When we put ourselves into a position of vulnerability we are taking a risk but in doing so, we allow ourselves to enter the space that Deepak Chopra terms – the field of infinite possibilities and this is where the magic truly happens.

When we face our fears, we give ourselves the opportunity to overcome them and the chance to create or be something bigger, better and more amazing than before. We also gives others the permission and hope that they might do the same.

When we feel vulnerable, the root of our fear is always judgement which will result in us being ostracised and ultimately, undeserving of love. Shame is the hurdle that prevents us from allowing ourselves to be seen. “If people know this about me, they will decide I am not worthy of love and connection.”

Yet vulnerability is necessary and is what makes us beautiful. It is the birthplace of love, beauty and belonging.

We go to such lengths to cover up our vulnerability that we put fat from our bums into our face. We kid ourselves that our actions have no effect.

But when we stop and tell ourselves, “I AM ENOUGH” we give ourselves the strength to take those risks because we understand that we never had anything to lose.

Because we can never lose ourselves. Yoga is what helps us realise this.

So what’s stopping you from taking a risk? What’s stopping you showing you are vulnerable?

My ultimate vulnerability challenge in quite some time was writing this article (pictured above) which was published in Yoga Magazine UK this month. I’d love to hear from anyone out there who has a story they have been scared to share! Please comment here.

With so much love and light

Nicola x