Lifestyle: A plea to those who value people and planet but love clothing and fashion…

The true cost of the clothes you buy

This is a desperate plea to all those who value people and planet. Next time you think you need a new item of clothing, please please please, think about where you buy it. Cheap clothing is enslaving people and destroying the planet. High street shops, primark, ASDA, Sainsburys and even Marks and spencer are horrendous culprits.

Charity shops cannot cope with the numbers of unwanted garments, it is being sent to places like Africa and China and destroying their local economies never mind the people who are dying to produce it in factories and the toll on the environment from dyes going into rivers and god knows what. If you can make the time, educate yourself – here’s a documentary and do your research! If you have learnt anything from yoga, you will understand that every decision you make affects you and everyone on the planet directly. Please share this far and wide