Yoga: Change up


For all the people I teach yoga in Bristol and North Somerset – I wanted to share a really beautiful technique to change a behaviour that you know is not healthy for you and/or those around you. Whether it is quitting smoking or overeating, avoiding anger or anxiety just getting yourself out the door, we all have something we’d like to change about ourselves and often, entrench these behaviours even deeper into our psyche as we berate ourselves for them.

Instead, try this:

– recognise the behaviour is happening.
– close your eyes, take some deep breaths.
– congratulate yourself for noticing it is happening
– go and do something nurturing/pampering for yourself to celebrate (try not to fall in the chocolate trap here 😉
So… recognise, close your eyes, congratulate and pamper!
Above all, remember that everything changes, everything passes and it will only get better with practice. Reiki is also a great way to add force to any intended change. If you are interested in trying it, you can drop me a line on or call 07811344621. Treatments are offered by distance too!