Light: The world is turning – compassion and love grow with advent of same sex marriage

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Daily we are bombarded with negativity and fear by the media and as a result of that, many of the people we come into contact with on a daily basis who consume it, attempting to satisfy a voracious appetite for drama and panic, are affected by it. They do not realise it themselves but they are the conduits for the forces that continue to hold us in a state of fear. However, the world that I see is one in which love and compassion grow daily. I have personally noticed a shift as the world begins to a sing a new tune, the notes of which reflect the transformation occurring within myself.

As we grow to love, respect and have greater compassion for every aspect of ourselves, so this filters into the world around us. At the beginning of this year, I fell in love with my best friend – another woman – and within that same six months, the United States has declared same sex marriage legal in every one of its states. The laws are telling us that it’s ok to love whoever and however you want. Similarly, our respect and connection to nature and the animal kingdom grows. We are showing more compassion and understanding to other living creatures and reaping the rewards. Monty Roberts – one of the most revered natural horsemanship trainers worldwide is teaching the Queen that compassion and kindness will encourage a horse as opposed to violence and force.

When a person hits out, or on a bigger scale, a country, it is worth remembering that this is a result of their own pain and to retaliate or, ‘go in and sort them out’ will merely snowball the problem. Violence breeds violence but it can be extinguished by peace. How can we do this? Talking. If you were one of the people affected by the Tunisian shooting, remember what it was like to be in a fight at school. Remember what happened when you hit someone back? Or shouted? Usually, the problem escalated until either one party was too hurt to continue or too tired to shout anymore. If you were the one to lose the fight, you may remember that it didn’t free you from the negative emotions you felt, it simply transformed them into something else equally negative… hurt pride perhaps? But do you remember how it felt when you made up with someone after an argument? How relieved you feel? Imagine if you never had to go over that hill in the first place. Imagine if, instead of feeling like you wish you could take back the fact that you’d screamed at them, “I f*cking hate it when you do that,”

It can be hard sometimes in the midst of anger, to find healthy ways to resolve it because your overriding urge is to make someone understand how much they hurt you, but you never can really. Not by shouting, hitting or screaming. You’ll just alienate them; make them switch off and this goes for a person and a horse. At worst they’ll want to hit back again. At best they won’t talk to you all day. Being brave enough to discuss a problem means achieving intimacy. I am the first to admit that I can get as far as planning to talk about something but finding my emotions taking over at times. It’s one of the reasons I work so hard at yoga. But I am making a concerted effort to be a better human being by taking control of my emotions and my mind. Even if I blow a fuse, I am apologising sooner and attempting to open a conversation because I know that changing habits of a lifetime rarely happen in a day. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from anyone else out there having any success with managing their emotions in stressful situations because at the end of the day, we are all human and here to help each other.

The amazing thing is that, as we see these shifts – in our behaviour towards animals and each other, we will begin to see shifts at much higher levels. It seems that things start from the ground up. Monty has been campaigning for many years for more compassionate treatment of horses but the establishment resisted, continuing to reward competitors for maintaining traditional ways but finally, there is an opening as Natural Dressage is now an approved sport. Many psychologists have highlighted that the way we treat animals reflects the way we treat ourselves. I await to see what emerges in wider society as the compassion simply grows. Don’t get sucked into the drama. Focus on the bright things around you and chase rainbows. Share joy and we can help each other stay happy.