Life: Forget about the election, you have power in every decision you make

Chalice Root vessel in sunset salmon is a hand blown glass vessel by Bernard Katz.

Chalice Root vessel in sunset salmon is a hand blown glass vessel by Bernard Katz.

Let’s stop complaining about the Tories – focusing on the negatives – and recognise the part that each and every one of us can and will play in transforming our world from one of dominator relations to partnership and peace. We can start by honouring the feminine in each and every one of us and that includes celebrating the effeminate qualities of men so frowned upon by our existing culture. We can start by stopping bitching about problems that men create or problems that women create and instead see ourselves as two halves of humanity which together make a whole. We have allowed our heritage to be bastardised and distorted. We are still now living in the aftermath of an age where religion has taught that women – the vessel for creation – are to be feared, subdued, owned, raped and at worst tortured and killed in the name of an all powerful male god in pursuit of all we could ever want but of course not here on this Earth now, in the afterlife.

Our culture was contaminated in order for the dominator system to take hold. Our rituals, artworks, customs and traditions involving the worship of the feminine and the goddess mother earth were destroyed. However, we have an opportunity now more than ever with the angry fuel from this apocalyptic election to take a step towards revitalising the world we once inhabited full of harmony. We can strengthen our communities, recognise the importance of women and the earth, celebrate our peaceful history and creation instead of focusing on fear, war and destruction. We must understand our capacity to create, transform and evolve. We must go beyond the limitations of our own minds and dream what we might think to be the impossible. How can it ever be given the chance to breathe if we do not nurture the idea and begin to let it feed? A life of peace and prosperity.

When we begin to think in these terms, we understand the value of connections. We understand that decisions we make on a daily basis has an impact on the reality we inhabit – choosing to eat huge amounts of meat and dairy means that we are giving ownership of our land to farmers who use it to profit from production. This in turn has a knock on effect on house prices and the land available to live and grow on. Every time you put money in the bank, every time you buy from Tesco or Sainsbury’s, every time you pay your council tax, every time you upgrade your kitchen, your car, TV or your phone with one that’s brand new, unnecessarily, you are continuing to add fuel to a system which values profit over the planet. Every time you pay your income tax you are funding a government which persecutes anyone who is ‘different’ whether by colour, gender, sexual orientation, class or anything else they can think up to make us fight each other.

Instead I ask that each and every one of us considers how in some small way, we can exert the power we hold and begin to forge a better way.

Some practical suggestions for taking control. If you have any of your own, please do put them in the comments section below. Let’s work together to make this change:

1. Start imagining a better world

2. Stop paying back debt

3. Start thinking about where you shop

4. Stop eating so much dairy and meat

5. Stop banking and start using your local credit union or other cooperative

6. Start recognising the importance of the Earth

7. Declare yourself a freeman of the land

8. Start communing with your neighbours

9. Start making friends

10. Become self-employed or start working with friends

I also suggest reading Riane Eisler:…/…/0062502891