Life: dealing with our cat’s fleas naturally

When I moved into my girlfriend’s house in January, she was mid war with a bunch of uninvited guests of the small, brown/red blood sucking hopping variety. Having tried almost every chemical option on the market I consulted one of my pro natural friends who recommended the use of coconut oil to de-flea our moggy and I discovered a recipe with lemons to brush through her coat daily for prevention. 3 lemons boiled then left to be steeped in water for three hours before brushing it through her coat with a flea comb. It was also recommended to use a steam mop and vacuum for the house as well as a more natural diet. The easier part was the coconut oil and as she was uncomfortable, it seemed the best place to start. Unfortunately it is though technically Spring here in Bristol, the temperature is still in denial. After coming home to find her in the house shivering, my girlfriend took remedial action with her old baby clothes. So far, so good.