Yoga: Christmas Kindness – Putting Ahimsa into Practice with Random Acts of Kindness

Christmas Kindness

This year, I’ve seen a number of supposedly kind acts go viral. From selfies for cancer to the ice bucket challenge, there has been a frenzy of activity from our fellow human beings all believing that they are doing good deeds. Why is this so? Because as humans, we are hard wired to care. Unfortunately, some of these well meaning acts have actually caused more problems than they have solved. The huge amount of money the charity received from the ice bucket challenge diverted much needed funds from other charities for a relatively small cause. It got me thinking. How and what could I instigate that might lead to some positive actual benefit to both the giver and the receiver.

We all seek connection. We all know that giving makes us feel good and even more so, when we are able to see the effects of our actions so the answer seemed simple. To give in kind. It is all too easy to hand over cash at Christmas time but there is so much more that we could do to even just bring a smile to someone’s face. From leaving a love note for someone to find, giving a stranger a compliment to something we might consider more deep and meaningful.

I am lucky enough to work as a healer and I knew that at Christmas, there would be plenty of people clamouring to help feed the homeless at Christmas time but would there be anyone who might help them remember not only that they are a human being but what love feels like? So this Christmas, I would like to start a chain of events of giving in kind. I will be heading to my local homeless shelter – Comfort this Christmas in Weston Super Mare to offer indian head massages and healing on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and possibly some of the other days the shelter is open. I now, via facebook, randomly challenge five of my friends (and sister) to do the same and I’d love to know what you come up with and even better, if possible, see pictures of the smiles on the recipients faces. So, Peter Channing, Roisin Wilson, Ann-See Yeoh, Sophie Grobler, Henry Ogilvy, it’s over to you to come up with an act of kindness and each tag five more people.

We are all seeking peace and happiness. Helping our fellow humans is just one way we can start to instill a sense of satisfaction that pervades the fleeting pleasures most Christmas gifts might bring and if just one person takes me up on this challenge, I’ll be happy in the knowledge I have passed this on. Remember, the last rule is that you can’t expect anything in return. We give for the joy of giving.

Wishing you a joyful and happy Christmas and New Year

With love and light

Nicola x