Yoga: musing on moments – asteya

Earlier today I wrote to a friend: “Energy is a bit weird today. I’m feeling a bit emotional and not quite sure what to do with myself today. It will pass. Feeling frustrated at seeing my landlady’s field empty and wanting a horse in there and someone to cuddle but at the same time watching this incredible sky and scenery and enjoying the feel of my own body.”

After sending this message, I decided to go for a walk up in the Mendips.
Just before going to sleep I came across the quote, “g have I felt so deeply at one and at the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world.” Albert Camus – speaking my thoughts hundreds of years after he wrote it. What is even more poignant is that this comes up during a week in which I am teaching asteya and how to live in the depth of the moment rather than stealing it from ourselves.