Light: How indian head massage and oils can optimise hair and scalp health and make it look great

Avocado-oilforhairAn indian head massage not only boosts your overall health – helping to clear the lymphatic system, removing stress from achy shoulders etc. but with the introduction of oils to the massage, you can also address hair and scalp issues and make your hair look amazing.

Personally, I’ve been struggling with issues on my scalp and recently found that calendula not only soothed the irriation but it made my hair feel like silk. No amount of Aveda or other expensive shampoos and conditioners have ever left it looking and feeling so amazing, never mind the fact that chemical products damage our precious Earth.

So if you’re considering having a massage, why not think about one of the following hair oils? You could also add an essential oil to the mix for extra therapeutic benefits. As part of my service, I can help advise you on the best oils to purchase. As a starting point, olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oils are amazing due to their ability to penetrate the centre of the hair. The great thing is that you’ll probably find olive oil in your kitchen cupboard!

Avocado Oil is an effective moisturiser for dry, brittle, damaged hair. It is packed with healthy hair vitamins such as vitamins A, B, D, and E. It also has protein, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, and folic acid. All nutrients that make it ideal for use to help prevent damage to the hair.

The vitamins help protect the scalp and feed the hair follicles while the amino acids promote healthy cell growth to maintain or restore scalp health. Avocado oil is also loaded with fatty acids which help to make hair feel soft and imparts shine. It is a light oil that absorbs easily into both the scalp and skin. It is said to closely resemble the oil naturally produced by the scalp or sebum.

Additionally, it has natural humectant properties adding and locking in moisture. It acts as a natural SPF. It’s also great for deep conditioning, strengthening hair, and adding shine. The vitamins, amino acids, and high fat content promote healthy cell growth and are great for maintaining and restoring scalp health (dry, itchy scalp). Avocado oil can be added to shampoo, used as a deep treatment, or used as a sealant.

Avocado oil is usually found in heath food stores more frequently than your local grocery store unlike Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. It’s a little pricey in comparison to the others. The price is the reason I use it more sparingly than the other two. I may add a small amount (maybe a couple of teaspoons) for an extra boost of vitamins.

Olive oil is a fantastic conditioner for hair, but there are many other things about this essential oil that make it a great go-to for hair care. It’s also one of the top emollients that can penetrate the hair better than others, and its lightweight nature makes it great for moisturizing. Olive oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff. Extra virgin oil is also rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, an antioxidant important for hair growth. Olive oil is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hair.

Olive oil is easy to find at your local health store. Usually the olive oil and olive oil products you find at the beauty supply store aren’t pure olive oil. It’s best to buy pure “extra virgin olive oil” from your local food supplier. I believe food grade products are always better for hair and body use.

Coconut oil has been proven to decrease protein loss and as a result prevent damage and breakage.

It is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral due to the presence of medium chain fatty acids, notably lauric acid. For this reason it can prevent hair loss or scalp conditioners as a result of bacteria or fungus build-up on the scalp.

Coconut oil treatments prevented combing damage in hair when applied both pre-wash and post-wash. Out of the three oils mentioned, coconut oil was proven to reduce the amount of protein loss in hair.

Hair has a high protein make up. Protein is what helps keep it strong. Each time you wash your hair a little bit of that protein is lost. Pre-treating or deep conditioning your hair with coconut oil will keep this from happening; minimising any forms of breakage including those dreadful split ends. Bear in mind that it can leave your hair looking a little lank and greasy so it is best to treat it on a day where you aren’t too worried about how your hair looks.

Or why not have me warm it up for you and use it whilst massaging your temples and scalp? Mmmm. Lovely.

Hope you find this useful. If you have any hair tips you’d like to share, please fire away!