Meditation: Supermoon breaks the surface of deep wounds to open them for healing – guided meditation

Feeling the power of this full moon shining its light into old wounds. Express, release and mend. Be like the banks of a river. Stand firm as you allow your pain, emotion and discomfort to arise, flow through you and wash you clean.


Getting out of the shower this morning I was suddenly overcome as I felt an explosion of emotion welling up from deep within. All morning I had been feeling a sense of discomfort which, although I have been going through some challenges of the heart in the last few weeks, felt as though their origin lay elsewhere. For a second I wondered if I ought to just give myself a bit of a talking to and get on with my day but I found myself surrendering to the overwhelming feeling of sadness that spiraled up through my body. I even found myself mourning the loss of my relationship with my dad. A relationship that I have pushed away from my mind for the past 6 years since we pretty much stopped speaking.

As I sat on the floor and allowed the tears to rush down my face, I felt as though I were mourning every heart break I had ever experience but I embraced this pain and loss along with the feeling of wondering whether I would ever be able to sustain a successful, loving, intimate relationship with anyone. However, thanks to my yoga and meditation practice, I was able to retain an awareness that this was merely emotion arising in order to pass, dissolve and transform into something else. I knew that like all pain, it would pass. I very quickly began to feel lighter, cleaner and conscious of the behaviours that I needed to let go of in order to welcome more positive relationships into my life.

My attention was later drawn to a status update from a fellow yoga teacher which affirmed that which intuitively, I had already known was occurring:

“So this full moon is a powerful window to identify the patterns of behavior which have kept us bound in a negative bonding dance with others, so we can take steps to change the dance!

So if you feel triggered by old wounds surfacing, embrace the opportunity to feel and express old pain – knowing it is time to let it go. You may confront emotional endings during this lunar month. The more we accept the inevitability of change and feel the loss of what was, the more available we will be to new opportunities for happiness.

Out with the Old, In with the New”


In response I have put together this little full moon meditation which I will later be teaching in my Kings of Wessex Leisure Centre, Cheddar Yoga Class.

Take your awareness from your feet, up through your body beginning to scan it for discomfort, dis-ease and tightness. When you do come across a place that meets this criteria, just stop for a moment and delve into the area.

Ask yourself whether this is purely physical or whether you can sense something emotional going on here? Is there a painful memory linked to this emotion or is it just a feeling. Spend a few moments allowing yourself to experience that feeling and any emotion that comes up with it.

Allow it to arise and dissolve. Stand firm like the banks of a river as you allow it to flow through you washing you clean. Visualise the area being filled with silvery moonlight giving your old wounds healing.

Thank the universe for allowing you to be here in this body right now.

Wishing you a wonderful afternoon and evening.