This is the world’s oldest yoga centre

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No one knows exactly how old yoga is. I’ve recently seen images of wall paintings showing Egyptians in poses that look strangely similar to upward bow, dating back to 1180 B.C. There are even images of Egyptian ladies performing what we would call “drop backs”, pictured in Vanda Scaravelli’s book ‘Awakening the Spine’. I mean, come on, isn’t this crazy?

In any case, during most of yoga’s history the knowledge would be transmitted from teacher to student in one-on-one sessions. And while all this remains murky ground, we can pinpoint one date: The opening of the world’s first yoga centre!Unsurprisingly, it’s located in India, still going strong, and yes, in case you’re wondering – the centre is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Classes at the Yoga Institute Classes at the Yoga Institute

THE YOGA INSTITUTE in Mumbai has been established in 1918 which makes it the oldest running yoga centre globally. Its founder…

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