Yoga: Life is a gift, love it…

IMG_4949Life is a gift that affords us, with every breath, every moment, the opportunity to love and be loved. Every moment we have the choice to surround ourselves with beauty and love or get lost in an abyss of denial because we are too afraid to look ourselves and our darkness in the eye. Two sides to a coin which without each other cannot exist; life and death, pleasure and pain. We are being called, now more than ever before, to be honest with ourselves and honest with each other. Be brave. Accept your faults, your fears and failures, wipe the tears from your eyes and place balm on your wounds. Move forward, dive deeper, grow bigger then stop, open your heart wider and listen because if you don’t, you will miss her, even though that’s all there is… love.

Live your truth; liberate each other because judgement exists only in the eye of the beholder.