Reiki: The party casualty ambulance – reiki in drug induced emergencies

ERT_LogoI am currently debating having a Reiki Ambulance t-shirt made or something along those lines to wear when I go out next! On Saturday, at St Paul’s Carnival in Bristol, my friend Carly spotted a youngster sat on the floor vomiting neon yellow. She was completely out of it stuck in a ‘k-hole’ (too much ketamin – yuck). Her friends kept trying to get her head up as she sprawled on the floor, reassuring her they would find help. I came over to her, placed my hands on her head and sent reiki. Slowly she put her hands on top of my hands. I continued for a while longer. Eventually, she sat up, looked at me and said, “Thank you so much.” Everyone looked at me amazed and relieved.

Later, somewhere else, I was dancing and a girl I’d never met before came over to me and said, “Please can you help my brother?” I looked over and he was reeling on the floor. I did the same as before and again, eventually, he looked up with recognition, a huge smile of relief and said, “Thank you so so much. I drank way too much. I don’t know what happened.” The girl who called me had been his sister. She had no idea I’m a healer but she said she felt a connection and positive vibes from me and didn’t know why but said she immediately knew she had to ask me for help. Reiki really is amazing. It certainly amazed me that day. DrugOD  Remember that if you are out anywhere and need someone to help someone who has taken a bit too much of something, I can be called on to administer distant reiki and I am always happy to help. A donation in return is always welcomed too though I would never turn down someone desperately in need.