Yoga: Alternate states of consciousness… MDMAmazing

A couple of weekends ago, I was given the option of going to a house party for a friend’s birthday (which probably would have ended up fairly messy) or staying home alone in my little cabin. I opted for the latter and decided to spice it up a little by partaking of a little MDMA as an experiment. I’ve never taken drugs at home along before and these days, I take it once in a blue moon at a festival or the occasional party.

Having spent many years questioning a society that finds it acceptable for people to go to the pub, drink, get drunk, behave like a human being with questionable intelligence, lose your sense of dignity, maybe get into a fight just for a laugh before stumbling home, probably with someone you wouldn’t ordinarily look twice at (yes, most of us have done it at some point) yet demonises the consumption of something that makes us dance like there’s no tomorrow and hug each other. The only down side most of us have ever found with ecstasy when used responsibly is possibly feeling like we want to hide in a cupboard until the overwhelming desire to cry as we wallow in self-pity of the Tuesday come down has passed.

However, I wonder whether this is more to do with sleep deprivation and the over-consumption which can lead to a reduction in our levels of serotonin. Either way, since I had a little kicking around, I figured, I’d take a little, stick on some tunes and see what happened when the only person around to hug was myself. I saw it as an exercise in practicing some self-love. I could party all on my own couldn’t I? Well yes, I could. In fact, I discovered that there’s no need for clubs when you’ve got good tunes, a mirror and a little bit of MDMA. Amusingly, my landlady asked if I am usually up until 3am when home alone and asked whether I was having a rave! Actually I was. The best thing though was getting up at 10am on the Sunday, feeling good and doing some yoga. Now I’ve never done that with a nasty hangover. Here are some of the positives of MDMA taken from the website

“MDMA enhances physical sensations. The sense of touch is heightened, food may smell and taste different to normal, and many people say that music sounds better. There’s more awareness of the moment and more contentment with whatever that moment might be.

People feel positive about both themselves and the wider world around them (a state known as entactogenesis from the Latin word meaning ‘to touch within’). Inhibitions are loosened, egos are softened and people experience a close emotional bond with others (empathogenesis). Everyday social defences are weakened and communicating with strangers is no longer taboo.

Hence all that ‘unity’ and ‘one love’ stuff. In short, MDMA produces an overall sense of well-being, a feeling of happiness edging on euphoria. No wonder E culture hoisted the smiley symbol up its flagpole. The drug doesn’t create happiness, though. It doesn’t create anything. It merely unlocks feelings which are already present but held in check on a day-to-day basis. While the effect of MDMA on serotonin levels means these are generally positive, this isn’t universally so and a few people encounter sadness. There is, however, a consensus among users that, whatever the exact shape of the experience, it is usually controllable.

The sense of well-being generally associated with MDMA can last for days, weeks and even months after taking the drug. For some people, it seems to help them to deal with enduring problems in their lives, such as understanding their sexuality, calming their aggression or coping with a childhood trauma.

For others, it simply makes them feel better about themselves. In other words, it helps them come to terms with who they are, with many accounts of vastly improved personal relationships as a result.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we should all be staying home getting spangled every Saturday night and there are dangers with taking it – mainly due to mean people mixing horrible things into it – but I’m tired of living in a world that celebrates alcohol but makes us ecstasy lovers feel like lesser mortals.  Also, if we were to wrap ourselves up in cotton wool and be safe all the time, we’d never leave the house! (a detailed guide can be found here

So here I am coming out of the closet. How does it affect my spiritual journey you might ask? It makes me a hell of a lot more comfortable with myself. The more I am comfortable with myself and the more I love myself, the more there is to overflow into the world around me. I came from a home where people spent more time beating each other up than hugging and loving each other. I found physical affection from friends difficult to handle and I was socially awkward. MDMA changed all that. My friends know me as a loving, open and I hope, fairly tactile person. I hug people on greeting even with strangers. I do believe that MDMA began my path to healing. The danger is like anything – that instead of taking the benefits into our wider reality, we become reliant on it. I know that I’m not and neither are any of my friends. My journey now is much more about finding ways to reach that state without the aid of drugs. Reiki often does that for me.

Here’s some video footage of what happened that fine Saturday night as I sent love to all my friends from the bottom of the Mendips!