Light: Families come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes turn up in the office

Today, the CEO of the housing association I teach yoga at gave me the most beautiful long hug and considering I’ve only met him a couple of times before, his openness and compassion took me aback. Because he asked me how I was and with a brave face I said not brilliant because I am homeless and isn’t it ironic that I’m here to give out massages at a housing association.

I thought I was ok but the empathy from him shook me and he wrapped me up and hugged me until I cried. “You are so busy putting on a happy face and looking after everybody but who is looking after Nikki?

You are beautiful. There is something about your energy; your aura, when you are in the room… don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.” And he very kindly left me a generous donation for the head massage.

Who looks after me? Everybody. That’s the difference. For most people, it’s their family or a few people throughout their life. For me, I get the Avon and Somerset Community. The downside is that I never know where the support will come from next but the beauty is that there is always an exchange in this support and often, I hope, those who support me, also feel the benefit.

It felt amazing to have been able to gift reiki and Indian Head Massage healing to so many people knowing that so many more will also feel the effects. If your office needs a lift, get in touch with me at Bluebird Bliss. Last week I created a pop up treatment room for Massage in Weston Super Mare, next week it could be who knows where.

I provide corporate yoga, reiki, meditation and massage healing and cover the Taunton to Bristol area.