Yoga: Rant alert – Stop the No Makeup Selfies for Cancer Research

So by now, most of us have probably seen at least one friend or family member posting up a so called, no make up selfie. Supposedly this began as a promotion for a beauty company and it has since morphed into a campaign to raise awareness and give money to Cancer research. Cancer Research among others, are one of the organisations that test on animals. This is known to be bad science. To hurt others beings animal or otherwise simply for our own ends is in direct conflict with all Eastern philosophy teachings. Harming others = harming ourselves.

Additionally, there are cures for cancer in the form of nutrition (check out and Gerson Therapy) and cannabis oil ( which have already been proven so why are we STILL giving money to this charity? Sadly, many people, once diagnosed with cancer, appear to go into victim mode and refuse to believe that there could be an alternative cure out there and it could be as simple as what we put into our bodies. Massive doses of vitamin c have been proven to work. More people die from chemo than from cancer. Additionally, statistics are skewed. When the docs talk about survival rates, they are talking about people surviving for 5 years following the point at which they have been labelled in remission. Many people die shortly after this time.


In the US, it’s illegal for a doctor to recommend nutritional therapy for ANY ailment. This perfectly suits the drug companies. If you really must give money for research then go see the