Yoga: Looking for meaning? It’s in the looking…

Many of us begin our spiritual journeys with the ultimate quest being to search for meaning. What many of us fail to realise is that meaning is in the searching. It’s in the experiencing because it is when we experience that we learn to love. By experiencing pain, we know pleasure. Experiencing hate, opens us to love. Experiencing the ugly allows us to appreciate beauty and to know that essentially, one cannot exist without the other and in fact, as a result cannot be separated.

In many ways, I am now able to understand much better, the meaning behind some of the philosophy that so eluded me in my early years at university as quotes from the likes of Jacques Derrida were thrown at me – “the sign is not the sign”. What was meant is that in each experience, each sign we see, there is something deeper. That we should refuse to take things at face value and recognise instead, that even in the most abrasive of situations, a golden lining resides.

As Tom here points out in his wonderful astrology report, we are here to dig. To look for our purpose and meaning but remember this, you are probably already sitting on it, you just haven’t realised it. For myself, my purpose in life? To be me and in being me, to share love and laughter, compassion and kindness. As you’ll see from my life before yoga postings, I used to believe that it was to prove myself, to get myself ‘stability’ and to find a life partner. I now however see, that all along, I was enough. Just me on my own. To make a smile ripple out into the world. I had no need to do anything more. Maybe, if you are still long enough to see to the bottom of the pool, you will realise that too.


Namaste x