Reiki: How reiki helps me and my new baby Freddie – Vikki’s Story

Vikki & FreddieI was recommended reiki by 2 different friends who used it during pregnancy. One of them even had a session during labour. At the time I was feeling a bit down and overwhelmed. My first pregnancy had been a lot easier physically and I was finding it hard to cope with the strain of every day life along with the symptoms like SPD which caused me severe pain on a daily basis. When I was referred for physio at 34 weeks I was told my appointment would be in about 8 weeks time… useful!! So I decided I was prepared to try anything. I also have a history of depression and had post natal depression with my daughter so I was very aware of the possibility of this happening again. Being a very medically minded person I am always a bit sceptical about natural and holistic therapies but decided to keep an open mind.

I cannot begin to describe the effect this had on me right from the first session. I found it the most calming and relaxing experience. I was prone to very strong braxton hicks contractions from about 28 weeks. If I got them just watching TV or doing ordinary things I would feel tense and panicky. I had quite a few of these during my first session with Nicola but found I was completely calm and was able to breathe through the pain and didn’t let them worry me. A couple of sessions in I introduced some reiki music into my sessions at Nicola’s suggestion and I found that if I felt at all tense at any time I could play the music, relax and meditate and just feel completely calm and at ease. My baby was incredibly active in utero but he would always go to sleep for the whole day after a morning session with Nicola!!!

While I was having the sessions I believed the biggest benefits were the calming effect it had on my day to day life and also the very noticeable pain reduction. I was able to walk my dog again without pain and just found things like climbing stairs much easier. But looking back I can honestly say that the biggest benefit for me was the ability reiki gave me to handle my labour. My labour was incredibly quick, 1 hour in total, 20 minutes of this was established. You may think this is a good thing but the point of contractions and early labour is to build up the pain and make the mind and body able to cope with it. Dilating 7cm within half an hour is very frightening and the sudden change in pain could easily have thrown me into a total panic. But I put on my reiki music, lay down and concentrated on relaxing my muscles and breathing through the pain. I tried to transport myself back to my sessions with Nicola and I believe the psychological associations with the music really helped me do this. In the end I had no pain relief at all, not even gas and air, a completely natural birth. It was calm, even though it was so quick, my baby was calm and content and I have nothing but amazing and wonderful memories of it. I genuinely believe I could not have done this without the help of Nicola and reiki.

I will forever have the wonderful memories of the birth of my son. I feel calm and relaxed as a new mum, I am able to cope with the everyday stress of life. Having been on anti depressants after the birth of my daughter I feel like I would never need to go down that route again. My baby is a lovely content little boy and loves to listen to my reiki music. I intend to have more sessions with him as I feel he can only benefit as I have done. I would urge anyone suffering pain or stress to try reiki. I would especially urge pregnant ladies to give it a go. With all the medical intervention we have now in childbirth I honestly believe we have learned to be afraid of the pain and there is really no need. We are women, we are strong, we were built to do it and it really can be a case of mind over matter. Love and peace







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