Yoga: Can’t take medals into the next life but you can take soul learning

OpportunitiesWe often think of life, even in yogic terms, as some kind of a journey. There is some implication within this that we are moving toward something rather than at the destination already which, even when we have reached a state of awakening, brings about some kind of need for momentum. Almost as though there are markers through which we must pass in order to reach our end goal of enlightenment, inner peace; nirvana. As though we have to get from A to B, inevitably creating a feeling of pressure.

However, when we look at life in terms of us already being at point B and realise that actually, it’s all about experience and in fact, the more experience the better, suddenly, the pressure to perform is released. From every mistake we grow just as much as life’s ‘wins’ and with each one, we unwrap another layer taking us closer to the perfection at our core. Each time we experience pain, we experience the relief and beauty when it eventually passes, reminding us that being in pain is not our natural state and that it won’t always remain.  Remember that your life is here for you to live as you decide fit. No one else can do it for you and no one has the right to tell you what you should do. That’s your job. The next time you go to beat yourself up, remind yourself that it’s all about learning and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have to make the same mistake a number of times before the universe kicks you hard enough to realise you need to take a different route. You may not see the benefit in a mistake but you can guarantee somewhere, there’ll be a positive impact.

The trick is in learning to let go of the hurt that life sometimes causes; to not hold it in the body. That’s where yoga comes in handy.