Reiki: Healing my neighbour’s heart was a big job

This evening I got home and struggled to find the key I’d left with a friend this morning to get into my flat so once again I called on my neighbour’s help. Earlier in the year, when I moved in and couldn’t afford to rent a BT line, he exhibited the greatest patience I have ever seen in the valiant pursuit of getting a wifi hot spot set up so that I could join his internet from my place underneath. I knew he had major health problems but never knew what they were or why. I also knew that he had a heart of gold and had been having a seriously hard time of it suffering a major injury at work – something he brushed under the carpet as a run of the mill part of working as a carer in a home with people of above average mental disability (i.e. slightly dangerous).

He had been off work sick for some time and is wrangling with his employers over a compensation claim – something he’d never attempted even when injured many times in the past, simply because this time, he’d been told if the wrist were injured again, he would probably lose complete use of it and his employers were trying to force him to return to work well before it had healed, never mind the fact it was due to their negligence that he received it in the first place.

Anyway, unbeknownst to him, regularly, I’ve been sending him Reiki. Ever since I moved into my little Somerset flat in January actually and today, I was stoked keep-calm-and-reiki-on-1when he happened to mention that he’d had some really good news. He had seen the doctor earlier in the day and been told, “We really can’t explain this, but you’ve actually got better. We have no idea how this has happened, it’s pretty much impossible but you’re no longer going to need heart surgery.” He informed me that ordinarily, he dreads the doctors as for many years, his health has done nothing but deteriorate which is why this was such a shock. With such a big heart, opened so freely, it’s not too surprising that this was the location of much of his illness.

Well. Come to your own conclusions at will but I know what I think…

As the lyric goes, “let’s talk about love, love love, let’s talk about looooove.”