Reiki: the beauty of treatments in the comfort of home

This week has been a beautiful one yet again. I have to admit that as the days pass filled with sunshine and stunning countryside, I more and more find myself compelled to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ and I’m finding that my reiki treatments as a result, are becoming ever more powerful.

I just had to mention how wonderful it was to hear from my client who’d come for me for help with a difficult pregnancy how she believed that if everyone had reiki sessions, we might achieve world peace! She has been struggling with hip problems and depression and as her first pregnancy was so easy, it has all come as rather a shock. This was her first ever session. I hope you’ll join with us as we monitor her progress in the next five sessions leading up to the birth.

So that’s it guys. We just need to get the whole world attuned to give and receive reiki and we will have world peace!