Yoga: A beautiful message from Ella’s mum on how horseback yoga has helped her little one

Horseback yoga uk, yoga with horses, disability yoga, special yogaFrom Ella’s mum this morning: Nicola ,Thank you so so much, alongside the RDA Conquest Centre and all the magnificent staff and volunteers you have have helped so so much. Ella suffers from CRPS and about a month ago her pain was so chronic and the fear that came alongside moving her ankle so overwhelming we nearly gave up on horse riding. Ella became very withdrawn and upset by the mention of riding (something shes enjoyed at RDA for over a year).To be honest we had screaming tantrums with her begging not to go and refusing to get on the horse. For me as a mother it has been emotionally draining and exhausting as all the Dr’s say the use it or lose it – with regard to limb movement. Working through the persistent chronic pain for Ella is overwhelmingly draining and upsetting.Distraction is key for her and I knew we had to somehow get her on the horse! A foam stirrup has been specially handcrafted (Blue Peter styley by Imogen tqx) and alongside much much patience, deep breathing, relaxation classes before lesson and on horse we have overcome her fear and got her back on! To see Ella relax, enjoy, embrace and love her horse riding whilst getting physio on her leg /ankle without her realising has been beyond words. We shall be eternally grateful to everyone -you are all life savers!!! xxx

Charlotte Murphy, Langport, Somerset