Yoga: Breaking the boundaries harnessing healing with horses and yoga

What a whirlwind of a month.  A vipassana course (more about which I shall scribble later) and lots of yoga teaching at the riding for the disabled centre.  In fact, the hardest thing has been making time for my own practice, especially with my boyfriend being down for a few days from London. The most exciting thing to report however, has been the progress of brave little Ella who you may remember, suffers from a pain syndrome which leaves her unable to attend school, using crutches and dosed up on some serious painkilling drugs. This week was Ella’s third session and in the space of three sessions, we’ve gone from being almost unable to sit on the horse to concentrating on the breath so intensely that pain became a distant memory and we are now working on various yoga stretches combined with breath work and meditation so that we finished with a very happy horse and rider and mum was literally over the moon.

Horseback yoga uk, yoga with horses, disability yoga, special yogaEarlier in the week, in between waiting for their turn to ride, I was able to get a couple of the boys who come to a group session from the Selworthy School who have special needs, to engage and take part in their very first yoga lesson. I was most impressed with one child who really took it seriously and in spite of fairly severe physical disabilities too, was able to do his first ever sun salutation. I’ve been told that it is almost impossible to get one of the other boys to concentrate and he is generally very hyperactive so I am very excited to be working with him and hope that over the course of a few lessons, we’ll be able to see some changes manifesting. The great thing about working with these kids is their lack of airs and social graces that can’t help you occasionally finding yourself in stitches. Having one of the kids fart in my face when helping him into downward dog deserved a round of applause and I found it amusing to be likened to a frog when demonstrating a sun salutation. I am very much looking forward to my Sherborne Movement Therapy Training next week which I hope will help me in getting even more out of them. I love teaching Special Yoga!