Yoga: Coming unstuck – manifestation, money and materialism

Tree of AbundanceThanks to the wonderful insight of AskTeal, this week I was blessed with an epiphany and as a result, I must offer someone an apology. Her name is Grace Kelly and she runs City Girl Confidence. Some time ago, at the beginning of my yogic journey, we had a debate about money and whether or not it was the root of all evil. She believed that everything has divine source energy and therefore, that includes money.

Up until this point, money in my life had been characterised by lack. When I was growing up, there was never enough and my family and culture dictated that it would never come without working hard enough. Furthermore, our culture suggests that if you’ve got money, someone else probably hasn’t as a  (share the wealth) and therefore, having money is inherently bad. It also suggests that if you have money, you probably either, got it by inheriting it and therefore, you didn’t have to work for it (also bad) or that if you probably stepped on/took advantage of people to get it (also bad).  In the UK particularly, an added complication arises in that those who come from ‘privileged backgrounds’ are perceived to be more intelligent, more capable of doing things like working in government making money for the country.  Buried underneath all of this somewhere is the difference in attitude towards money.

If you’ve grown up without it, you possibly have been left feeling that you must doing something to earn it. That you must work harder, fight harder, do more to deserve it which means that you immediately, set up a resistance to it. You don’t believe that you are in the place to be able to receive it because you haven’t yet done enough. Additionally, I saw the imbalance in the world as a result of those who have plenty, not giving enough of achieving it through negative means which immediately created a negative relationship between myself and money. This also fostered an ‘us and them’ mentality. This was all further reinforced by following the yogic philosophy that we should cover only our basic needs and anything else should be given away in order for there to be harmony.

However, the greatest wisdom I have gleaned is the understanding that it is not my fault, should I make money, that other people are poor. Having money and attracting money is no bad thing and it can still be gained with a fair exchange. Love for love. Like for like. Energy for energy. It is ok to have whatever we want, the universe wants us to have whatever we want but it is not ok to assume that material goods alone will bring happiness.

This mentality of negativity has been useful to those in power for a very long time. All of the time that those who have less money feel less worthy, they will continue to have less money and therefore, be more easily controlled in the very instant of seeing themselves as separate. So in continuing to see the bankers as ‘evil’ and ‘gluttonous’ and lacking in moral fibre etc. etc. the thought pattern lends energy to the manifestation of that as a reality. Yet in reality, these guys are no different from ourselves. Ok, some of us might do different things with the money we made. I know for one that I would. However, they are doing what feels right for them. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t turn it down if someone offered me a £200,000  bonus and the sacrifice they make for that money at the end of the day is up to them. They are the ones who spend their lives at work, surrounded by lost people seeking meaning in fast cars and lines of cocaine. This doesn’t necessarily make them ‘bad’ people, nor does it make all of them the same. It means that for those people, they have merely lost track of the light within. As the Dalai Lama said, we are all born in this world and leave this world the same way. We are all doing what we believe we need to do at the time. By holding onto anger and forgiveness toward such people, we are only denying ourselves peace.

And the moment that I began to change my own beliefs – that it is ‘wrong’ to have lots of money – abundance this week has begun flowing in. All in line with Jung’s theories around the law of attraction. Essentially, I have found my centre, grown in awareness and come ‘unstuck’. I have realised that there is no separation between myself and those I considered to be ‘evil’ because of what they’ve done to the country just because they have behaved in different ways. That money itself and having it isn’t bad and we can only change stuff that sits within ourselves. We can’t make others not have money but we can change how  we think about it.  We make our own destiny is such a true phrase. Be positive. Be love and things move in magical ways. It’s also worth remembering that abundance comes in many forms and you may need to allow it in whatever form resonates best with you.