Yoga: Each practice is a journey into a place where there’s no ego

I filmed my personal practice this morning to show how some of the powerful elements of ashtanga (surya namaskara A and B, bhanda and breath) can be integrated with a more gentle flow practice to create a more yin yang yoga. I’m a regular girl discovering the spiritual world through meditation and yogic principles, teaching those discoveries through my writing and classes. My classes generally fuse ashtanga with mindfulness and I often work with Reiki energy.  This is how I usually practice at home too but I wanted to play today. I know that there are many who would argue you can’t fuse ashtanga with something because then it is no longer ashtanga however, I would beg to differ. Ashtanga is about a whole philosophy, not only the physical practice (although admittedly there is emphasis on the physical) but also, it is good sometimes to expand beyond the limitations of the series.

As you can see from the vid, I am human. My background was not in dance or gymnastics before I came to yoga, it was the realisation that there is much more than our physical bodies at work here so on occasion, I wobble and on occasion, my alignment is off and I don’t have the ‘ideal yoga space’ but my focus is really to focus – bhanda, attention, breath 😉 I’m fairly new to yoga in the grand scheme of things and fairly new to teaching but we are all, always, students in these ever changing bodies, to finding our never changing spirit.

I was asked what I feel when I’m doing this and I would say, sometimes, “How much love and light can I send out into the world today?” or “Ouch that hurts,” and other times “Wow, I feel graceful” but each pose is different and each practice is different. That’s why each practice is a journey. Sometimes pride, sometimes failure, sometimes frustration, connection with the Earth. I see sometimes how my own light connects with that of the Earth and the Heavens. But the breakthrough moments are when I realise how grateful I am to be here, doing this – that my own body feels beautiful under the caress of my own hand and there is a pool of love within me and around me which is the actual point of it. To go beyond the ego chatter and accept ourselves for who we are.

There was a heck of a lot of ego involved when I switched the camera on… “Am I good enough… I wish I could do… etc.”