Lifestyle: Don’t want GM? Buy local

traceThis week, I took up the challenge of boycotting the supermarkets – partly due to the inception of GM and partly because of their domination. Since I’m always preaching about the impact we have as consumers, I felt it was about time that I walked the walk.

So instead of popping into the Co-op, mindlessly, I mindfully opted for buying as I passed smaller, independent shops and markets. This week, I bought from the greengrocer in Wellington which, was a teeny bit disappointing since the tomatoes and begun to go off but it was almost off set but the care and attention the sales assistant paid to making sure my flowers didn’t get squashed. Thanks to my bartering scheme, I was gifted some gorgeous, freshly laid that morning organic eggs and salad from a yoga student and so my omelette lunch was like eating love and today, despite feeling a bit rough round the edges, I made it along to the farmer’s market at Moorish where I bought some beautiful doughy, light rye bread from Tracebridge Bakery which was quite frankly lush, some beautiful black bream and prawns and some gorgeous mango chutney.

I’ve just had a lunch of soya butter and garlic prawns, lightly fried bream, fried lettuce, raw cabbage with dressing and freshly but bread. The fish was so fresh it melted. I feel absolutely spoiled and it tasted better than michelin food because I met each and every person who brought it to my table – an exchange of love.

Who needs supermarkets? If you remember to buy on your travels, the supermarkets can be made redundant. We just need to strip back our food, make our own sauces and be careful about our choices. It’s as simple as shopping and thinking of stuff to cook with what we find, rather than what we usually do which is the other way around. I’m looking forward to seeing what next week will bring!