Reiki: How Reiki helped me and my baby with a difficult pregnancy – Lisa Bedding

894441_10200832280230484_482591046_o“I tried Reiki from Bluebird Bliss last year after having a difficult pregnancy, nothing too serious, just lots of sickness caused by having low blood sugar, which was very tiresome – it feels like you have a permanent hangover without having had the night out!

At 35 weeks pregnant I was willing to try anything that might have helped, and I thought that the opportunity to be in a relaxing environment would also be beneficial. I had a brief discussion with a midwife who said that it would be completely safe and recommended that I didn’t lie completely flat,but that I had my head raised.
The sessions were amazing, I don’t really know what I expected, but I found it to be a very meditative experience (which I often reflect on now at times when I am feeling stressed), I felt very connected with my baby and incredibly calm. My sickness and appetite improved and was able to eat a wider range of foods at the end of my pregnancy.
Violet was born 17 days after the due date (much to the horror of the midwives at the maternity hospital as I refused to be induced) and was born quickly and safely at home in familiar surroundings.

She has been an incredibly content baby, she has always slept well – going through the night at just 6 weeks old. She has also not had any problems with feeding or weaning either. I firmly believe that this is because she was born well-balanced due to the Reiki that I had during pregnancy. I have also been able to deal with stress much better and have had no sign of post-natal depression.

As I said before, I often reflect on my Reiki sessions, especially at times when I feel under pressure – I like to take 10 minutes (or longer if I can) to just sit and close my eyes and relax.

It’s such a shame that this kind of treatment is not available on the NHS!”