Yoga: The endless winter brings creative opportunity – tell capitalism to stick it!

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 23.15.25With the seemingly endless winter, it would be easy to succumb to misery. With increasing fuel bills and a greater need as the cold temperatures drag on, the desire to stay indoors and huddle up gets stronger. Sadly, that doesn’t even mean I’m staying warm since down here in the wilds of Wiveliscombe, central heating is about as easy to find as the abominable snowman. Even the local pub struggles to appease its clientele – two open fires not being quite enough to keep out the freeze in the face of a broken boiler.

So in absence of the many distractions that the city offers – cinemas, museums, bars and theatres, all of which act as a suitable drain on our finances for those of us that have them – down here in the country, I am drawn to an inward journey. There is only so much writing, yoga and film watching one can undertake without feeling a desperate urge to create. Earlier in the year, I had the pleasure of spending Christmas and New Year in Iceland. My wonderful partner bought me the most beautiful jumper from the Nordic store in Reykjavik. It was hand knitted and is perfectly fitted across the shoulders, bust and hips. I am in heaven every time I wear it with its natural fibre, all made by hand. It is especially special since it was only our fourth date and I don’t think I’ve ever received such a beautiful present.

I’ve been itching for something to do with my hands and when I came across this course showing how to make an Icelandic jumper or I realised I had the perfect answer. As Ragga explains how she suddenly realised that her ideas became reality through knitting and that for her, during times of illness, it became a form of therapy, I feel that I am drawn to this for the same reason. It seems that for many, when our outward journeys are stunted for various reasons, we turn inwards and look to ourselves for an outlet through creativity. It is one of the more powerful ways to connect with spirit and a brilliant opportunity too, to practice mindfulness, living in the present and therefore, yoga. Especially if you give away whatever it is you create. In my case it is due to lack of motivation to leave the flat in cold weather. In Frida Kahlo’s it was physical injuries. So I encourage you all to, instead of feeling frustrated and bored in front of the TV, pick up your pen or needle or weapon of choice and fight for your creative soul’s freedom of speech! By the same token, in learning to do things for ourselves, we are putting the finger up to capitalism!

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