Lifestyle: Once upon a time, kid’s tv used to be inspirational – The Clangers

I was at my lovely friend’s RazzleDazzleIce’s today and we were talking about knitting when Darrelle mentioned that her best knitting achievement was making one of the Clangers. “Who are these Clangers?” I asked. Phil promptly turned his laptop around with this youtube video of 1960s kids TV series of which there were only three episodes. I was immediately enamoured with their cute appearance, the sparkly trees and the fact that everything looked as though you could make it yourself from the contents of a primary school art cupboard.

The theme of the episode I watched was treasure but the brilliant moral to the story is summed up in the line regarding money, “…you can’t eat it and you can’t play with it,” at which point they ditch the coins in favour of cotton wool balls. My mum says I was obsessed with this programme when I was a kid. That explains a lot! What do we have these days? The teletubbies?